#The FBF Twilight gift that won't die

This week, "always smoky" Robert Pattinson returned to the press to promote his latest film, "good times.". As usual, seeing rpattz swagger on the red carpet reminds us of the good old days in the late night program. You know, twilight. It's hard to believe that the first part of this vampire series was released nearly ten years ago! Today's FBF, let's review some of our favorite gifts in this classic teen movie.

when Bella first sees her future chest and immediately opens it. The entrance of Edward to the cafeteria is very untrue.

laboratory partner life. The moment Edward rescued her from the car, he tried to tell her that it was an adrenaline rush. When they talk about ridiculous bullshit in the woods. When Edwards revealed that he was a "terrible" shining vampire. When they climb through the woods at random, because it's obviously the life of vampires! At that time, Bella was unable to control her desire for Eddie's body. In the face of danger, these two people express their love crazily. When Bella almost had a heart attack because Edward threatened to leave her.