Seven summer films we still like

Summer is a magical time School is over, the temperature is very high, the clothes are very few, eating ice cream and popsicles can actually save time. If you have trouble using your summer self, we have seven simple ways to treat hot weather blues. Here are seven amazing summer centered movies we still love. To cheer them up and prepare for three months of adventure and happiness, just spray a little bug. Hot and humid American Summer: this summer camp comedy still brings you real lols.

heavyweight: Ben Stiller took over the master of fitness in a completely relaxed fat training camp. From time to time: we will never forget Christina Ritchie taking those breasts! Or ride a bike to go to sugar, sugar.

bewilderment and bewilderment: the movie that started Matthew McConnell's career is still valid. Today, always quote.

the place of adventure: kstew and Ryan Reynolds bring us the reality of theme park? Yes. Please.

dirty Dance: except No one put the baby outside the corner, this summer dance movie has no words!!

the sisterhood of travel Pants: it's hard to grow up, but as this movie proves It's much easier when you have great gal pals and dope jeans.