#Felicity star

True dialogue: felicity Porter, the protagonist of the teen drama felicity, is a bit of a stalker. She totally messed up her college plan to follow her high school fans to New York City. Isn't it funny? Of course. Did Kerry Russell, Scott spiederman and Scott Foley, to some extent, make the concept work, making the play a popular show in the late 1990s / early 21st century? 100%. After the four seasons, the stars of this youth program continue to do more great TV programs. Kerry currently stars in American, Scott Foley plays Jack Ballard in scandal, and Greg Greenberg leads in hero and hero rebirth. It's all very positive. There's news on the street that there may be a recovery of happiness, similar to what Gilmore Girls do. Courtship! On this FBF, let's review felicity's stars' brilliance in the late 1990s and toast the TV series shocked by a weird hairstyle