10 reasons why we love Zac Efron

It's hard to believe that high school musical premiered 11 years ago on Disney Channel! This small TV movie has become an international phenomenon, introducing the world to the absolutely lovely Zach Efron. Ten years later, he is a real movie star with a crazy body. We count down until he reappears on the big screen of Gulf watch. Here are 10 reasons why we will always love Zac Efron: he can dance like anyone else. He can sing. When everyone comes out, he is a mystery. Seriously, his body is almost too extreme. He is very interesting. He is not afraid to make fun of himself. He has his own skateboarding company. He had a fascinating interview. He looks sexy when he cries. Let's not even start his kissing style. He is also a California surfer boy in his heart. We can't wait for him to play and restart Baywatch.