Seven reasons why we secretly fall in love with Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus is on the cusp of the age. Seriously, you will! Miley Cyrus "the 17-year-old sister herself is very calm and talented. With the release of two singles, the audience has high hopes for her first album. Although it's too early for this little giant, it's clear that she has a talent and talent to kill the music stage. Don't believe us? Here are seven reasons why we fell in love with Noah Cyrus:

she sounds like Miley, and we like her very much. Her songs are honest. Yes, she's young, but who doesn't play pranks when she's 17? She risks crazy fashion like a boss. She is not afraid of swearing.

she gave us the party anthem we wanted.

picture> (picture) P> Noah was completely comfortable on her own skin when she was young. She is a powerful woman, she is a woman!