Once your resolution fails 9 gifts can comfort you

January is near the end. Can you believe it? This is a new year. With a new president, almost everything surprises fans, including your new year's resolution. We've listed a lot of changes and commitments from the beginning, haven't we? New year, new you! But after 31 days (well, maybe more like 30 days, because we all know that January 1 is a hangover cleaning, and the real work starts on January 2), it's likely that the resolution has slowly declined. Well, we're here to tell you that everything is OK. In fact, when you make up your mind, here are nine gifts to comfort you: when you finally break down and eat all the desserts: when you skip the gym, repeat again:

when you officially think that "ancient diet" is a poor food and order a pizza:

when When you decide that you really need that pair of jeans and save money when you throw your laptop on the wall, because updating your resume is the worst thing, money is a big problem: when you realize that caffeine is from the universe and coffee is actually the best time of the day:

when you replace "your time" with Netflix When you officially quit, online courses will make you a smarter person: when you realize that you will never gather Etsy stores together, because ice lollipop is not super cool: