Eight things you don't know about 21 pilots

If you haven't heard of 21 pilots yet, you may be living in a rock without a wireless network. Lovely Columbus, oh, the duo is composed of Taylor Joseph and Josh Deng. They will spend an important month at this year's Grammy Awards ceremony, and their emotional concert tour will end this year. If you're not familiar with the pair, now you have a chance to fall in love with them and understand the interesting facts we found. Their band name comes from a play that Taylor learned in Arthur Miller's drama lesson my sons. They owe all their success to the power of word-of-mouth because they have no connections in the music industry in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio. The inspiration of "car radio" comes from Taylor's GPS and car radio stolen. The two people on the cover are their grandfathers. The band was originally founded in 2009 and consists of Taylor and two other members. It wasn't until 2011 that Josh appeared in the picture. Their band logo has a special meaning. Tyler holds his heart tightly, but he never intends to disclose it. It's a pity. When Taylor was in high school, he released a personal EP called "no intention of phun".

Taylor created the role of blurryface to solve his own insecurity.