That's how you play cool when you're infatuated

Infatuation is fun, especially in the early days. Everything about this new relationship is exciting and cool The most mundane things, like seeing them eat sandwiches, are the things that make up the moments that are worth indulging in. However, as time goes on, infatuation becomes more and more intense, and it's really hard for you to be "cool to play" instead of ruining your chance to be with them. Yes, we know it's hard to stay calm in front of people with your own opinions, but we have some tips on how to deal with yourself.

1。 Don't focus on them on every social media platform. Select one (instagram) and pay attention to them, then you can. This shows that you're interested in them, but it doesn't make you look like you're watching them come and go. At the same time, keep your likes and comments in check. Like or comment is not bad, but if you enlarge every article with comments full of likes and expressions, your infatuation will be very obvious.

2。 Don't let his friends know who you are infatuated with. It's OK to let others know that your crush is super cool, but if you start to ask his friends for information, or try to invite him to hang up, you know that he will hang up, and you may look a little depressed.

3。 Avoid making excuses to contact your lover. If you have a legitimate reason to stay in touch, please do so, but the excuse is, "did I see you in the mall today? I swear I saw a man who looks exactly the same as you. "Completely transparent.". Don't wait for your loved ones to pay attention when you are with them. One of the most attractive qualities a person can have is confidence. When you and your lover are in the same place, say hello, but do your own thing! It gives you a mysterious atmosphere, if they are also interested in you, not giving them too much attention will make them want more. Do you have any tips to keep your lover calm?