Why is my so-called life the best performance of the 1990s

My so-called life may have been more than 20 years, but its short run has stood the test of time. With the 90's style becoming the mainstream of today's world's closets and the homage to those present in the retro era, there is no doubt that this is the best performance in this era. Here are 10 reasons.

1. Angela's understanding of "emo" has become a socially acceptable way to show her inner anxiety and confusion without being called depression. Speaking of Angela, she is a non-traditional girl in the 1990s, with ideas and problems beyond her own age.

3. Dirty clothes, flannel, loose jeans, collision patterns and striped T-shirts are the perfect fashion inspiration for the retro atmosphere of the 1990s.

4。 Music. From violent women to Buffalo Tom and Juliana Hatfield, the play captures the soundtrack of the 1990s, making the tunes of the decade unforgettable. Rich is the first gay teenager to be made public on TV. this is a pioneering role, because in the 1990s, there were very few openly gay actors playing the leading roles in movies and TV. The reference of popular culture can be understood by children in the 1990s. names will fall like the "Clinton family" to commemorate the death of Kurt Cobain keep the relevant news of the 1990s. The play left a deep impression on popular culture. It has been cited in many aspects, including a line in the Oscar nominated film Juno and a song created and performed by a rock band, Ataris

8. Morgan Stanley Capital International is not afraid to touch real youth problems such as teenagers running away from home, family breakdown, and drug and alcohol abuse. Mobile phone is just beginning to become a kind of thing, and the use of fixed line telephone is the last stroke of the simple era before technology takes over.

10。 Of course, Jordan katarano, although squeezing someone's emotions is not limited to a specific time, Jordan was (still is) the epitome of squeezing in the 1990s. Turn around and stare at the magnificence, indifference, and expression, just to get your garage band off the ground.