All the reasons we missed a direction

In the past year, "one direction" has broken the hearts of girls all over the world. In the past 12 months, we have experienced a witness without 1D news, new music videos, and red carpet I mean, this is Nada, no, zytth. We miss those ridiculous Englishmen. Of course, we're looking forward to seeing Harry on the screen later this year. Yes, it's cool to see zain and Gigi Hadid take a picture together, but it's just a consolation for the good times of the past. One way cute boy:

hairstyle of Harry

funny tattoo of zain

Larry shipper's conspiracy theory is the "perfect" tone when repeated. Because of the party atmosphere! Their social media game. Very strong. The continuous relationship drama of


who is the hottest / most talented member debate. The ultimate excuse for women's night is to get tickets for a 1D show or movie. Watch their sub standard dance steps and enjoy the charming AF.

fan stories. Oh, yes, it's a glorious, sexy, ridiculous fan novel.