Seven Hollywood beauties who will be the best boyfriend

Anyone who says dating is easy is crazy. For ordinary people, dating is one of the biggest obstacles and challenges in life. There are mixed signals, chemical problems, fear of commitment, breakup, makeup The list of roadblocks never seems to end. However, there are at least seven men in Tinseltown who would be the best boyfriend if they had the chance to date them.

Sean Mendes - he's definitely related to Camilla Cabello, but technically he's still single. His affectionate singing, considerate consideration and sweet disposition are all that you want to bring home to see your family and call for you forever. Your date with Sean may include lots of laughs and serenades that fascinate you.

Nick Jonas the former Jonas Brothers member has changed from a lovely child to a versatile figure with sexy charm. He is very loyal to his friends and family, and none of his predecessors spoke ill of him. The only thing missing in his life is a perfect girl to praise all his virtues. Nick will indulge in long speeches, unexpected adventures, he will never kiss and tell.

Jaden Smith - I can't deny that Jaden is a full treasure, has a sensitive soul, and has many profound thoughts on life. He would be amused by his unexpected style choices, intelligence and down-to-earth attitude to fame and life in the spotlight.

Cody Simpson - first of all, Cody has an Australian accent, which is impossible. Apart from being able to hear him every day, Cody is the kind of boyfriend who only makes time for the really important people. If his loyalty, honesty and talent are not enough to surprise you, then you may be a masochist who only loves bad boys. Calvin proves that he transcends loyalty, easygoing, interesting, interesting, and is more willing to intervene and watch small furry friends when you leave the city. He's a great DJ and knows how to cut down on some serious drug rhythms, which doesn't hurt at all. Like his brother Nick, Joe has grown into a versatile pop star with sexy charm. In addition to standing on one side in his performances and backstage, Joe will be loyal and committed to making you happy. His outgoing character and close friends are a basic guarantee. Dating Joe will be nothing but fun and feel safe!

Harry's style – we haven't heard from Harry for a minute, but it doesn't reduce the value of his dating! Standing by his side means listening to his English accent baby telling you about his life before he became famous, the secret that no one knows, and taking the time to take risks and always smile