How to start your dream career

Let's live real life here. Figuring out what you want to do with your life can be a little scary. As far as I'm concerned, I always feel uneasy that I'm not competent for anything. At the same time, my partner will replay every negative voice I hear and tell me to hurry up and pick something when I don't have time. Rush, or settle down. When you have a daydream (or any kind of dream), sometimes you need to let it run freely to see where it goes. Before I gave up my wildest dream of becoming a writer, I had tried many different things. I can't afford to go to university. I know that another four years of study is not suitable for me. Instead, I applied for affordable online courses to explore my options. I'm very interested in Disney World, so I tried a hotel and restaurant management course, hoping to enter the hotel industry and work in Walt Disney World. Although I did find a lot of interesting things I learned, I was not moved enough. Then I tried a tour course, which eventually filled me with an unbearable contempt. I even tried some public relations courses, which, though not successful, gave me a lot of knowledge about the public relations people I have worked with every day as a music writer for the past four years. After that, I was at a standstill when I noticed that my music collection was staring at my face. I am a born writer. Most of my teachers in school are surprised by my writing, but I never thought I could get a career from it. I have a high school business school teacher who tells me that writing is as difficult as being an actor, although he thinks my writing is excellent and often asks me to proofread my classmates' papers. By the end of 2011, when I started a freelance writing course, I was addicted to the days when I was struggling with annoying things just for my salary. I think you can say that I have always been a music fan. I am more concerned about which album I want to listen to after school than my homework, and the growing MTV is always on; TRL is the catalyst for everything I desire in my heart. I think you can call me a woman, just like most people say useless trivia, I regard it as rich knowledge and important facts. I think I buy a new album almost every weekend, which makes my mother disdain, because she hopes I don't "waste money" on things other than food and clothing. Looking back on the past, all of this has prepared me to light a lamp for music that is worth listening to and cherishing. I know I want to write about music, but I don't know where to soak my toes to get a little exposure. Later I found out that Buzznet was user generated when I joined in February 2012, so anyone can join and create a small platform for themselves. I will always thank this website, because it gives me the first experience of what music news is like, at the same time, it gives me confidence that my articles often appear on the homepage and continue to write. Now, I'm a Buzznet freelancer, and I like to share my findings with you when I run my own music website. I can't imagine where I would be today if I didn't step out of faith and start doing something I really wanted to do instead of worrying about how far away these things are. Start your career may be the most terrible thing to face forever, especially if it's something you want for a long time. Think like this: the more terrible it is, the greater the return. No matter what you want to do, start small. Make some connections (this part is the hardest for me as an introvert, but it will be easier once you help Take the initiative to do something you like. Remember, nothing happens overnight, you don't have to do everything all at once. Be persistent. It will take a while for people to start noticing, but once they do, they will knock on your door and work with you. But choose who you want to let in, because quality is always more important than quantity. No matter how hard you think you try, don't compromise to improve yourself. Be proud of what you've put in and continue to put in. It will pay off. Focus on the people who inspire you and let them motivate you to move forward. I recently fell in love with Sofia Amoroso's book girl. In this book, she shares her journey into the fashion world, how her DIY approach leads her to the road of today, and her views on what others often neglect. Although Sofia and I have very different lifestyles, we have very similar morality and views on career and building an empire. I want someone to tell me when I start writing that I have everything I need to succeed. I always thought that if I didn't have a college degree or any outside recognition, no one would take me seriously. No matter your qualifications, your stories, your morals or your struggles, there is nothing you can't do. Hard work is the key to everything. Let's start today. You never know where it will take you!