You'll never guess who's defending Taylor Swift's new relationship

Happy summer! You... It's been a few weeks, but today is the first day of summer! Yeah! Let's celebrate the hottest gossip on the world wide web!

Kylie Jenner is moving! The reality star and businesswoman is selling her karabas start-up and moving into a more luxurious house with a higher price tag! You go girl! It's clear that Calvin Harris is silent about his breakup with Taylor swift and is reportedly turning his emotions into a song about it. I can't wait to hear it! When it comes to their break-up, amber rose defends Taylor Swift. Many people criticize that the relationship between Taylor swift and Tom sidleston has developed so fast. The trailer of "the basic principles of care" by Selena Gomez is over! Take a turn down here! Star Trek hero Anton Yeltsin died in an accident at his home in Los Angeles. So sad. We are with his family and friends.