10 things you don't know about Empire records

Empire records may not have made a big box office debut when it was released in 1995, but it became a major cult classic. That's the motto of 21 years, laughter, and most importantly, music! This movie has been my number one favorite since I was a child. As I grow older, it gets better and better, including its killer soundtrack full of alternative gems from the 1990s! Although we "cursed this man" many years ago, here are 10 facts you may not know about the beloved 1990s movie!

1. Coyote shiver was actually shot by Liv Taylor's stepfather, who was married to Taylor's mother. Angelina Jolie almost played the part of Debbie. Can you imagine?!

3。 Tobey Maguire is an actor, but was cut for personal reasons. Looks like he's OK.

4。 The producers hope that some of Burke's performances will have "Green Day", but his tour schedule is not allowed. Not sure how it works

5。 Rene Zellweger and Rory Cochrane were dating at the time of filming. Ah!

6。 April 8 is Rex Manning's day of remembrance in memory of Kurt Coburn, whose body was found on that day. The film was made in the same year.

7。 Maxwell Caulfield's daughter is the ballerina mark tried to kiss. I always thought she was like Drew Barrymore

8。 Almost everyone on the set likes liv Taylor, especially Ethan Embry. But who wouldn't?

9。 Robin Tony actually shaved his head for Deb's character! Bastard!

10。 The original building is still on the front street of Wilmington, North Carolina! A complete indoor scene was filmed on a sound stage in the nearby Screen Gems studio. Absolutely on my shopping list!