Five coping strategies in a culture obsessed with accosting

Let's be blunt: we live in a culture obsessed with accosting. In the next few years, as apps such as tinder continue to rise in social networks, the art of dating may disappear, making it harder to find a special person than to get Halsey's ticket. If you're like me, when you hear other millennials on the street talking, you might gasp and curse them, because they talk about their relationship casually, as normal as going to the grocery store. You start to feel like you may be an old-fashioned person - if you want to find someone who suits you, you need to relax. Then, when you realize that the right person won't be magically discovered in a meaningless relationship, you come back to reality; you don't care about that life, and you don't plan to start. It's your privilege whether you're a fan or not. Maybe you're tired of it. The only thing you want to do is talk to people. I'm here to tell you there's a lot more, but it's going to take a lot of work. Here are five ways to deal with a culture obsessed with accosting:

1. Know your value! I'm sure you've heard it before. This will never grow old. The more you allow something to happen, the more you will tell yourself that when it doesn't happen, everything is fine. It's beautiful to be honest with people you're interested in. If there's no return, you need to take another path. Your value is not just a swipe, a one night stand, or that kind of shame. The sooner you realize that, the better. For a sunny person to abandon the dark behavior. What a mess, huh? You get the picture.)

2。 Look at the big picture. Maybe you're with someone who thinks they're going to change and you want to start dating, but they run out of the door faster than you think. At this time, when you need to realize that being single is not wrong, and if sticking to the right person means that you will have to miss out on what most (let's be honest - confused and miserable) friends are doing, then maybe it's time to take this step. There's a bigger picture out there than you see now. You just need to be free from the toxic environment to fully appreciate it.

3. Be proud that you want to work. Let's be honest - unfortunately, courting women is like the New York subway system Even dial-up Internet is as old! Personally, I'm waiting to see if anyone invites me out and treats me like a human being. "So, uh, hey, want to go out and play? "It's just that I didn't give up, maybe I expected too much and was destined to be lonely forever, but I stick to my morality. If he didn't get into work now, who would he choose? Any relationship requires effort, but if it feels like you are the only one who has put your heart on the line, it's time to move on and find someone who appreciates your efforts, not someone who escapes them. They're outside!

4。 Be kind to yourself! You don't need an important person to make you feel loved. If you are waiting for the person you met last weekend to send you flowers, you must be crazy! It's important to be kind to yourself! Buy a bunch of roses and put them in your bedroom or office. Make cupcakes for your friends, buy handbags you've been staring at, or go to a personal movie with a pint of rocky road. Do anything that makes you happy. Remember that Valentine's Day is not what you think Except for half price candy the next day! ????

5。 Stand up! I didn't realize how free it was to be single until I broke up with my last boyfriend; I didn't have to worry about what he would criticize me next. We accept unhealthy relationships because we're afraid it might make us empty, but the truth is that we'd better be alone, not in a relationship, and let us lose what makes us beautiful. If you feel stressed (we are our worst critics) and want to rush into a conversation with someone you don't feel good about, stop and think about it. Only you know what's best for you. True love exists, but you never find it immersed in old habits. Be strong! How do you deal with this chat up obsessed culture?