10 things you don't know about Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana may have ended a few years ago, but the memory of Mary Stewart's dual life will remain in our mind forever. Even if you think you are an expert in Hannah Montana, these 10 interesting facts may even surprise you! The main character's original name was Alexis Texas, but it was later changed to Hannah Montana. The title of each episode is a reference for Hannah Montana songs.

Qiao Qiao was initially granted the title role, but she refused.

Mitchell mousso's hair was kept long to cover his pierced ears. As a show pilot starring in a guest role, Corbin blue, a high school music star, became infatuated with Miley two years later in a show called "we are all together on this date," referring to Corbin's HSM career.

Jason earls looks very young and can play Milly's older brother, but in fact, when he took over the role of Jackson Stewart, he was only in his 20s and was performing 30 seconds after his performance. When it comes to Jason's role, Jackson was initially considered shy. He should only talk through the puppet he had with him. The final plot of the play is to make it a dream of Millie Stewart.

Miley initially auditioned for the role of Lily Truscott, and finally played by Emily Osment. To prevent the wig from slipping, the bangs were glued to Miley's forehead.