Five must see movies to inspire your holiday spirit

Holidays are in full swing! There are red Starbucks cups, Christmas trees, bright lights and poinsettias everywhere. If you're trying to blend into the holiday atmosphere, the classic black and white Christmas movie has lost its magic. Here are five modern movies (ISH!) Daytime movies are guaranteed to help you find happiness.

elves - Will Ferrell's passion for the 2003 hit "buddy the elf" still exists. It's an interesting holiday landscape, and Zooey Deschanel is fully regarded as his love interest. She is the kind of elf that faints everywhere!

anyone who thinks Zoe and Ryan Gosling should combine in next year's elf comedy and say, "I! "

Holiday is a lovely holiday, a warm story, which tells the real charming people to find love and holiday joy again. Of course, it's nearly a decade old, but with superstars like Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, it's hard for Jack Black not to like the movie with your baby.

love is real - I might date this, but for you young people, in 1998, Jonathan Taylor Thomas was a jerk. He's like a bachelor, no sexy Nick Jonas, or 2007 TV star. When JTT's holiday movie, I'll go home for Christmas and I'll go to the cinema. The teenage girl is lit. The film is not an Oscar winner anyway, but it will make you excited at Christmas.

go home alone - who can resist the sweet wheat Kali karkin in crazy home in 1990? When you watch this movie, try to ignore the image of modern Calkin. Instead, focus on a cunning, innocent wheat Corley who keeps Christmas invaders with clever and dangerous obstacles in the bay. Watch the tiniest McCALLISTER to keep the coldest heart warm, especially when you see that all the characters are suffering from technology driven pre-90s problems that don't exist in 2015.