TEGA moved out of Kelly Jenner's house

Kell... I really can't be with these two people. They're together, they might break up, they might get back together. Now TMZ reports that Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend, TEGA, are trying to separate now, but it's clear that TEGA has been living in Kelly's Carabas mansion for a long time. However, it seems that they are too close and uncomfortable. TEGA has rented a place for himself, so that they can have more breathing space. According to TMZ, "a source associated with the couple said they had decided that things would be better if they increased their personal space by living on a separate roof. TEGA moved out of Kelly's house last week and into a rented house in Hollywood hill. We were told that the two felt too much together and worried that they would look more like a couple than someone with a career. Kelly's recent trip to Australia has become a question, as they argue whether she should go alone or with TEGA. "

OK, I hope Kelly can use some of her newly discovered personal space to arrange her priorities, while TEGA will not linger in the shadow of her 24 / 7. Crap. Do you think Kelly and TEGA are good partners?