WOW! Lord was very upset with her boyfriend on instagram

It's almost the weekend again! It's Thursday. Let's see what's on the world wide web!

Lord is always reticent about her relationship with her boyfriend. Just after James Lowe's birthday passed, she became a big trouble. The singer posted his lovely personal information on the Internet and expressed her love for her for a long time without shame. There is a crazy new song and video called "little backpack" I won't call it "summer song", but wow, it's so funny! Look below! Congratulations on Kelly Jenner's graduation from high school! Yes, she goes to school at home, but reality stars and "it" girls around her deserve all the snapshots and congratulations!

Rihanna has dropped a new fragrance, which is the eight fragrance of Grammy winners. Riley will make her debut later this summer, but Alsace's campaign has been announced, which shows that Rihanna is a real pink dream with Rose Satin! There is no doubt that there is a reason to have a major birthday goal.