Bobby Christina's best friend said Nick Gordon beat her a lot

As Bobby Christina was transferred to a hospice and died peacefully, her fate was tragically sealed. Her long-time boyfriend Nick Gordon has been facing some severe charges from her family and her heritage. The latter sued Bobby on suspicion of stealing money from Bobby and abusing her, asking him to pay $10 million. Now, Gordon is facing strong criticism from Bobby Christina's best friend, who claims that Gordon used to beat Bobby! On the Internet, Bobby's best friend Alex Reid claimed that just three weeks before she was found lying face down in the bathtub unresponsive, she called Reid in panic as she hid from Gordon in the closet of her late mother, Whitney Houston. Nick hit her and she was scared, "Reid said. "She was very sad. She didn't know what to do. As if she had no one else to turn to for help. It's heartbreaking. " According to Reid, it's not just an isolated event. She claimed that Bobby often told her about the terrible attacks she had suffered from Gordon. Reid, who met Bobby at the weekend of Grammy two years ago, explained that she was now speaking out publicly about the abuse she suffered because she felt that Bobby needed someone to protect her at this critical moment. I love her. I would never have betrayed her and said what I thought, "Reid said. "But she's lying there, and I don't think anyone else can speak for her. I feel like I have to be her voice now. " She added, "I know something that no one else knows. I hope that by speaking publicly, I can help the investigation to some extent. "