She promised! FKA twigs engaged to R-Patz

For those of you who still hold hope, Robert Pattinson, I'm sorry to break your dream, but it seems that he will never be in the market. Only six months later, R-Patz asked his girlfriend this question, and American weekly confirmed that she agreed! The twilight dream ship and his music artist fiance (he is said to call them "favorite") had a whirlwind relationship last month, and even exchanged commitment rings. A source told us every week that the two rarely separated, promising that the ring was a disguise for real trading. "I heard they told people they were commitment rings, but I didn't see Pattinson wearing them," the source told us. "They only told a few people about their engagement. "They have always been together. He's going to cochella to support her. "

oh That's good news. I just want to know how my ex girlfriend Kristen Stewart feels about all this. Do you think FKA twigs and Robert Pattinson are a good match?