Ex-Police Dog Keeps Barking On A Tree So Dad Cuts It Down, Finds A Lot More Than Wood Inside

A Scene To Behold

He spontaneously pricked his ears up as he put his nose to the ground. This was something that Smith hadn’t ever seen his dog do before, not like this anyway. They must have stumbled onto something huge! His big paws pressed into the soft soil, he was as still as a statue.

He felt compelled to check out the tree that his dog was so interested in, but he knew it would be an ordeal alright. He could feel his pulse race as his palms became clammy. He wouldn’t have believed what he had stumbled on if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes.

Instant Love pryzmat

When the Smith family first laid eyes on kyle, the grizzled ex-police dog, they fell in love with him instantly. He had spent 8 years as a service dog and had just retired, he was ready to live out the rest of his life laying around being loved.

After they adopted Kyle the family loved nothing more than taking him on works every day. They would often take him to the woodlands close to their home. Kyle loved to chase the squirrels he found even though he could never catch them. But there was something else that caught his eye.